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The Vietnam War was a major event and perhaps the second most prominent war of the entire 20th Century, after the World War II. In fact, it’s the longest war the United States has ever got involved in its entire history. The Vietnam War has also been the subject of thousands of research papers, books, movies and documentaries since the end of the war in 1975. However,


Most of the information about the Vietnam War available online is either incomplete, disconnected or biased towards one side in the war.

There is not any dedicated website about the Vietnam War. Almost all its notable articles come from personal blogs or general sites such as about.com or history.com.

Our Missions

To connect many disjointed information and give some further insights based on various sources and perspectives;

To correct all the myths and bring out the truths about the Vietnam War;

To recover the right name for history which seems and is widely considered boring; make history an interesting and useful subject to learn.


Based on the stated problems and our desires, we come up with The Vietnam War website which comprises of four main parts:

Facts: Facts, myths and statistics about the war

Media: Candid and lively pictures, books, movies and infographics about the conflict

Questions: More insights about the war through question by question

Events: Main events happened during the Vietnam War both on & off the field.

Timeline: A timeline with all important events happened during the Vietnam War

As part of our desire and vision, we also strive to present and deliver our content in the best possible fashion so as to make History in general and the Vietnam War in particular a fascinating subject to learn.

The Vietnam War Team.

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