author Kenny Rogers

The Rise of Phoenix Program In Vietnam

Phoenix Program was an intelligence and counterinsurgency program designed to gather, analyze information and then “neutralize” (via capture, infiltration, torture, terrorism, and assassination) the infrastructure of the Viet Cong (National Liberation Front) in South Vietnam. Phoenix was operated and... Continue reading


A counterculture is a culture of a group of people, particularly among the young, whose values and lifestyles are considerably different and often diametrically opposed to those established culture. It tends to grow and peak early then decline rapidly,... Continue reading

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Background After taking office, President Lyndon Johnson became more concerned about the capability of Saigon government in handling the Viet Cong guerillas. In early 1964, he decided to increase military aid to South Vietnam and created more pressure on... Continue reading

Strategic Hamlet Program

The Rural Community Development Program In late 1950s, the Communists began to increase their activities in the South Vietnam. In December 1960, the National Liberation Front (NLF) was formed and rapidly controlled large sections of South Vietnamese countryside. Realizing... Continue reading