Recommended Reading:

Was US general Westmoreland unfairly portrayed as a troop butcher in Vietnam War? | The National
What Really Happened in Vietnam – Fredrik Logevall >> Interesting
“We believe that peace is at hand.” – Henry Kissinger, October 26, 1972
Presidential Power – Presidential war in vietnam –
Ending the Vietnam War – U.S Department of State
“No Sure Victory: Measuring U.S. Army Effectiveness and Progress in the Vietnam War” – Gregory A. Daddis, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
Women in the Vietnam War – <<
The War We Could Have WonBy STEPHEN J. MORRIS <<<
“Lessons of Vietnam” <<<

Lessons for Nixon – don’t wanna be “the first American President to lose a war.”

Tet Offensive

Interview – Jim Willbanks: Tet’s Truths, Myths and Mysteries << The PPAccords were the death warrant for South Vietnam, as it left all the remnants of the enemy’s 14 divisions and some 25 regiments in the south.

Media Role
The Uncensored War: THE MEDIA AND VIETNAMby Daniel C. Hallin (Oxford University: $22.50; 285 pp.) << A great deal of American coverage of Vietnam had no significant value as information about the war–surely one of the great journalistic failures of all time.

Iraq and Afghanistan, and the comparison with Vietnam – Vietnam’s lessons
Gen. William C. Westmoreland Was Right  <From “search and destroy” to “clear and hold.”
Exploding the Myths About Vietnam –  nytimes << North Vietnam’s Myths about HCM & VNG – Le Duan


Documents & References

The Pentagon Papers – Gravel Edition  – Volume 1 –
Targeted Killings: A short History – How America came to embrace assassination – ForeignPolicy >> Phoenix

Comprehensive lists:
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy – Vietnam –

Recommended Books:

Why Were We in Vietnam?
‘Embers of War’ by Fredrik Logevall

A Rumor Of War by Philip Caputo


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