Vietnam Veterans Memorials

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also known as The Wall, is a memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C dedicated to those servicemen who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. It consists of three distinct sections:

Memorial Wall

The Wall, dedicated on 13 November 1982, is a V shape – 246 feet 9 inches (75 m) long wall comprising 2 gabbro walls and 140 black granite panels. Its apex is 10.1 feet (3m) high. The panels are inscribed with the names of 58,241 men and 8 women of the United States forces who died in the Vietnam war (the first death recorded on The Wall was in 1956; the last, 1975).

The Three Soldiers

The Three Service Men statue and flagpole, unveiled on 11 November 1984, is seen as a representative of major ethnic groups that served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, including a lead man as Caucasian, a man on right as African American, a man on left as Hispanic. The bronze statue was a work design of Frederick Hart.

Women’s Memorial

Vietnam Women’s Memorial statue, dedicated on 11 November 1993
The creation of this statue is as a reminder the contributions of women in Vietnam war, especially the nurses. It portrays a wounded soldier surrounded by three women named Hope, Faith, and Charity respectively.

Maya Ying Lin, the designer of the Memorial Wall, said the Wall is a tribute and for the Americans to remember those who died in the war.

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