The Rise of Phoenix Program In Vietnam

Phoenix Program was an intelligence and counterinsurgency program designed to gather, analyze information and then “neutralize” (via capture, infiltration, torture, terrorism, and assassination) the infrastructure of the Viet Cong (National Liberation Front) in South Vietnam. Phoenix was operated and... Continue reading


A counterculture is a culture of a group of people, particularly among the young, whose values and lifestyles are considerably different and often diametrically opposed to those established culture. It tends to grow and peak early then decline rapidly,... Continue reading

U.S. Propaganda in the Vietnam War

Communist Aggression Before President Johnson officially dispatched the first U.S. combat troops to Da Nang in March, 1965, the U.S. government had prepared the country for the war in Vietnam for a long time.  The “Domino theory” coined by... Continue reading