Who won the Vietnam War?

Outcome of the Vietnam war

On March 29, 1973, the last U.S. combat troops left Vietnam as part of the Paris Peace Accords. On April 30, 1975, as acting President General Duong Van Minh and his cabinet surrendered to the Communist forces unconditionally in the Independence Palace, Saigon, the Vietnam War which had lasted for nearly 20 years eventually came to an end.

Who won the Vietnam war?

Objectively, North Vietnam – the communists – who achieved their goals of reuniting and gaining independence for the whole Vietnam won the war whereas South Vietnam under the U.S. support lost the war.

Did the U.S. lose the Vietnam war?

In order to know whether the U.S. lost the Vietnam war or not, it’s wise to go back and see why the Vietnam war started in the first place. Domino theory or containment was usually used as a  justification for the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. The fact is the U.S. failed to stop the spread of Communism throughout Vietnam which led to its spread to Laos and Cambodia in 1975. However, it is arguable that the effects of the war in Korea and Vietnam that the U.S. had involved in did help the rest of South-East Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore stay free of communism.

Military-wise, the U.S. arguably never lost any major battles. However, it could not stand the constantly increasing loss of American lives and the economic burden the war carried on its people and was eventually forced to leave Vietnam before the war ended. Without its direct support, South Vietnam surrendered to the North Communists and disappeared from the world map not long later.

In short, in the picture of Vietnam, the U.S. failed to defend South Vietnam against the North Communists and probably lost the war politically rather than militarily as Vietnam was far from the war of major battles. In the bigger picture of containment, the U.S. did achieve their initial goals to a certain extent.

But who actually won the Vietnam war?

After all, it is noticeable that every party participated in the war suffered heavy losses. North Vietnam suffered approximately 1.1 million military deaths while South Vietnam had around 230,000, together with an estimated 2 million Vietnamese civilians deaths on both sides. As for the U.S., around 58,000 American forces were killed in action while more than 2,000 went missing during the war. The adverse effects of the war was even felt in the U.S. Some $140 billion (equivalent to around $950 billion in 2011 dollars) were spent. Its role and support for South Vietnam in the war carried a heavy burden on the country’s human and economic resources. Moreover, there were massive countrywide protests against the war wherein a few students lost their lives… At the end of the day, these losses, together with many war crimes such as massacres, rapes make one wonder if the war was really worth fighting. Who actually won the Vietnam War?


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  • Dorris Nyokabi

    it would in all capacity be fair to say that the vietnam war was lost by all parties

    • The Vietnam War

      Yes Dorris, we totally agree!

  • markdouglas

    Domino theory my ass, US gave Vietnam to France in 1945, much like you give a toy to a spoiled kid to shut him up. Vietnam people were our ally in WW2, where as France surrendered and many helped the Germans.. Charles DeGaulle personally wanted Vietnam back as on oppressed colony — they had forced Vietnam to be their puppet, and used slave labor in Vietnam, before WW2 — a basic fact we in US are ignorant of too.

    DeGaulle wanted Vietnam his forced puppet again — against the will of the fast majority of Vietnamese. It’s likely FDR would not have given DeGaulle anything, much less Vietnam, but Truman was kinda stupid about Vietnam, and gave Vietnam away. The Vietnamese fought back, and HAD to get help from China, who are their historic enemy by the way. US propagandist immediately claimed Vietnam was communist — never mind that’s their business, and we justified the murder of probably millions. France didn’t stay in Vietnam once the people organized and beat them, but US, being macho men, and now convinced we should tell Vietnam what to do, fought Vietnam and lost. We had far more weapons, tanks, napalm, jets bombers, but we lost We were wrong to go into Vietnam, a huge a murderous mistake. And we LOST . No everyone did not lose, quit your BS, US lost Vietnam won, on the battle field. The only way we could have won is kill millions more.

    When you learn real history it’s often not pretty.

    • Glorious_Cause

      “US propagandist immediately claimed Vietnam was communist…and we justified the murder of probably millions.”

      You’re officially a moron.

      • Nicholas Cage Jerrett

        Everything he says is legit. The American flag as your display picture affects my opinion on how objective you are. The Americans and Vietnamese were fighting two different wars, Vietnamese were fighting for Nationalism while US was fighting against communism.
        If LBJ and Robert McNamara understood the social climate in Vietnam they would have never gone into Vietnam. (dont argue that because McNamara later admitted this was the case)
        As Ho chi Mihn says “it was patriotism, not communism that inspired me.”

  • LoganAndrus

    Dude The US never even declared war on Vietnam and had a peace treaty with them when they left so no we did not lose get you facts straight…

    • Endity

      First, formal declaration of war may not be necessary in modern wars and conflicts. And since the US purpose is not to “invade” Vietnam but to protect their ally and prevent Communism, war declaration was not required.
      Second, as the US had involved directly in the war against North VN and the Viet Cong, they needed “something” to withdraw their troops. And the treaty was just part of Nixon’s “Peace with honor”. The fact is the war hadn’t ended yet when the US widthdrew. In other words, they abandonned their ally by encouraging the peace treaty. No military support. Little economic support. South VN lost and so did the US

      • sameun long

        My father he now 68 and he said he was serving as Australia army, the war started because the French try to invade Vietnam and take over. during half way many French was kill and that why us a.d other country got involve. Vietnam many was kill but also army was miles and left with metal as they seen the Vietnam kill them with disturbing ways. some troop was sent to Vietnam because the us president have told everyone that they are winning and in fact the truth was that all the foreign was kills like fly as my father have witness and told. the us government lie to.there troop to encourage them that they are wining. my father said 80% of the troop was leaving there post and running away because they would get ambush overtime and slaughter to death. My father said the war in Vietnam coat many life that was not worth fighting for because French started it and us want power that all.

        • peperoni

          thats the usa excuse to get involve on Vietnam

  • Rajni

    USA is like that only, they are are having somewhat cold war with Russia till now, but Russia doesn’t give even a damn about it, and whole world knows the capability of Russia, The common people of USA are very good innovative with fantastic heart but the leaders and fucking moron, you can see the history how many presidents assassinated in USA, there were so many US soldiers been killed in that Vietnam war, that’s why riots and protest had happened in all over USA, the leaders are moron, just because of some stupid decision many people use to get killed, they need to understand only with love and prosperity you can rule the hearts world wide/rule the world>

    If you will go to war with any country they are not gona welcome you, they will destroy you like anything and turn your body into ashes.

    • Guest

      So you are saying that Russia could beat the US? And also that the U.S. leaders can only lead with ‘Love’ and ‘Dere harts?
      Please. I wish that were true, but there is no way that it is.

  • Brandulph Christophersen

    🙂 I notice “Endity” writing, “And since the US purpose is not to “invade” Vietnam but to protect their ally and prevent Communism, war declaration was not required.”
    All US aggression and wars are presented like actions for the protection of suffering allies, and the establishing of peace and democracy. The reality is of course that all wars are buccaneerig undertakings by the multinational oil/gas and mining companies, paid for by the taxpayers with their money and the life and crippeling of their sons.
    The Vietnam War was driven by the craving for controll and profit from the enormous Vietnam offshore oil and gas resources… and the profit from the war itself, of course! Period! ‘Communism’, ‘allies’, ‘domino effect’, ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, etc. had nothing to do with the the years of horrendous attrocities in Vietnam by the US. (And today, it is Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan…. which, without human stupidity, never could take place.

  • Ron

    i dont know much about this war i was still in high school, but wasent JFK against the Vietnam and would not send in our troops?

    • YourFather

      “our troops” lel

  • Juanito Buendia

    Is this a joke? We lost the war, North Vietnam won. We can get into nuances and details all we want (they’re of course fascinating), but who the winner and the loser was in this war is pretty cut and dried.