Vietnam War Stories

First of all, we would like to thank all Veterans for your service. Thank you for what you have done for freedom. Thank you for all sacrifices you and your family have made for this country;  the harsh experience and bloody battles of war that you have encountered;  the wounds and scars that are still left on you and your memory. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! May God bless you and America.

Our Mission

We have started this project to collect, record and share as many invaluable stories of those who have served and sacrificed themselves for the country as possible. We are convinced that each story will serve as a great source of inspiration, and therefore, help the future generations know and understand more about the expensive price their parent generations had to pay for freedom.

Those who fought in Vietnam are part of us, part of our history. They reflected the best in us. No number of wreaths, no amount of music and memorializing will ever do them justice but it is good for us that we honor them and their sacrifice. And it’s good that we do it in the reflected glow of the enduring symbols of our Republic. – Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States, remarks at Dedication Ceremonies for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Statue

After so many years of being forgotten, unappreciated and even discriminated against, through this project, we also want to show our beloved Veterans that your contributions and sacrifices are never forgotten. We appreciate it and salute you!

Our Commitments

  • Non-political biases
  • Non-religious biases
  • Non-ethnic biases
  • Non-local biases
  • Stories and images are posted as they are sent to us

We have a vision and commitment of maintaining this website for generations to come. Your stories are here to stay, hopefully forever.

To the Veterans and Family Members

We believe story of the Vietnam War is best described by those who actually lived and fought it.

“I didn’t go to Harvard, I went to Vietnam”

To all amazing Vietnam Veterans, please share with us your invaluable stories. It does not have to be something long and complicated. It may just be a few short paragraphs about your most memorable moments or battles in Vietnam. Please let us know how old you were when arriving in Vietnam;  how long your tour of duty was; where you served;  what life was like in Vietnam;  what difficulties you faced ten thousands miles away from home and so on.
Please also share with us your friends’ stories those who cannot speak or who paid the ultimate price in Vietnam.
We also accept a review or summary of your book plus a link to your website (and book) as long as it is unique and never posted elsewhere.

To family members of Vietnam Veterans, you should be proud of your father or mother’s services and contributions. They are awesome and so are you. Your silent sacrifices and endurance are beyond our imagination. Please share with us your special and unforgettable stories with them.

Please send us your stories to or alternatively you can submit them via the form below:


Please help us spread the word about this project and please link to us.


The Vietnam War Team.

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