Infographic: Vietnam War Summary – Why did the Vietnam War start?

In the first infographic about Vietnam War summary, let’s explore why the Vietnam War started. Showing the world background in the aftermath of the World War II, the infographic explains why the U.S. first intervened in Vietnam; how they supported South Vietnam during mid 1950s and early 1960s as well as what led to American direct involvement in the war.

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Facts and Stats to Tweet:

  1. Containment and Truman Doctrine started the Cold War in 1947 but could not prevent Communism from spreading to Eastern Europe, China, Korea and now Vietnam . »Tweet now«
  2. The U.S. firmly believed in Domino Theory, and therefore, involved in Vietnam trying to keep South Vietnamese domino from falling. »Tweet now«
  3. U.S. recognized & supported Diem regime. Under American support, Diem refused to hold the reunification election »Tweet now«
  4. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution marked the beginning of American direct involvement in Vietnam, and for many people, the start of the Vietnam War! »Tweet now«


Vietnam War summary. Vietnam War for kids.

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